Apple ii expansion slot pinout

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Apple II Video Expansion. 15 PIN UNKNOWN CONNECTOR.Displays vertical counter bit from IOU pin 4; in text mode, indicates second low-order vertical counter; in graphics mode, indicates low-resolution.

ExpressCard - Wikipedia The ExpressCard technical standard specifies the design of slots built into the computer and of expansion cards to insert in the slots. Serial ATA - Wikipedia Serial ATA succeeded the earlier Parallel ATA (PATA) standard to become the predominant interface for storage devices. TurboGrafx-16 - Wikipedia

Using the USB data lines in a Mini-PCIe connector ...

Technical specifications for the Macintosh Classic II. ... Apple Macintosh Classic II ... *The Macintosh Classic II has a proprietary internal expansion slot ... Using APPLE II AppleColor TTL RGB Card with an Apple ... Using APPLE II AppleColor TTL RGB Card with an ... which has the same type of molex 16 to db-15 pin connections, ... top when inserted in slot Molex connector 1 8 9 16

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Subject: Apple II Pinouts (FAQ) Archive-name: apple2/cdrom Posting-Frequency: monthly Last-modified: August 21 2007 Version: 1.0 Apple //e Expansion (Peripheral) slot. The following is a direct excerpt from pages 172-174 of the Apple //e Reference Manual regarding the pin-out of the expansion slots: Apple II slot pinout and wiring @ 51 rows · Apple II slot pinout. Computer buses and slots connectors > Apple pinouts . Bookmark; … Apple II Slot · AllPinouts Apple II - 50 pin female bus connector. Expansion Slot Connector for the Apple II Series Interface/Add On Cards. This Bus has been modified over the various versions of Apple IIs (check pins 19,35 and 39).

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Replacing my IIe's 80-Column/64k Memory expansion card, or

The Apple IIGS (styled as II GS), ... Seven Apple II Bus slots (50-pin card-edge) IIGS Memory Expansion slot (44-pin card-edge)

Using the USB data lines in a Mini-PCIe connector ...